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Hi! (and Sorry!)

Firstly, let me apologise for the rather naff email [spam] announcing an equally naff post entry, containing a [very] boring photo from Lake Windermere, sent out from my blog last night.

Obviously, I have a lot to learn about keeping a blog with enough content to interest even the most loyal of friends!

So here we are, Dear Friends-who-have-unwittingly-been-subscribed. I’ve started a blog. Not my first, as some of you will know, but it’s been nearly 4 years since the last and so much has changed! You will have to bear with me as I learn the ropes, get a rhythm & maybe even find some way of generating some pennies from it. Generally though, this will be a place I will come to whinge/whine/complain, keep note of my changing life and express my personal views & opinions on what happens in it. You may agree with me, you may not. You may even find yourself being blogged about (if you’re *really* lucky, or if I’m *really* upset…!) Feel free to leave a comment every now and again. However. The day I feel I can’t use this space to express myself honestly will be the day that I will have to shut it down. Idealistic outlook perhaps, but it’s good to have a goal from the beginning I think.

But for now, here’s a photo of the Tu Little Ones to brighten your day ;)