This Christmas morning our children didn’t wake until 8:15am. They chattered between themselves and acknowledged (but bypassed) the bulging stockings we had hung for them in the middle of the night. Instead, they scuttled down to the bathroom to take their morning routine and to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to us in our bed. When we asked them if they had spotted the stockings,  they gave an excited “有啊!” Together they ran back up to explore the contents.

For the following 15 minutes we heard squealing and yelping as they pulled out treat after treat, toy after toy… then our boy came to their staircase and asked “Mami, Daddy! 我地可无可以开的 presents噶??” [Can we open these presents??]. And with a quick reminder to put rubbish in the bin they began. All we heard were continued yelps of joy punctuated by the clang of the bin lid.

At roughly 8:50 our little girl happened to venture down to the living room for something. She gasped as she reached the bottom of the stairs. She switched the light on and immediately shouted for us to come see “络利梯吓啦!!” She told us Santa has been here and he’s left footprints! When she rushed back up to tell her brother, his reaction was: “Not again”

It was a full 30 minutes longer before they finally came back down to see Santa’s gift. With the new Hot Wheels and toys to play with, there was just no rushing! Teeth were brushed and faces were washed. It was now time to descend to the main unwrapping event.

Santa’s existence was acknowledged – their presents were opened and he had brought the requested gifts. Without skipping a beat they moved straight onto the gifts under the tree. This was indicated by our boy exclaiming from the depths of his belly:

我有新 LEGO 啊!!!!!!!”


And so the time is now 9:50am.

The kids are still opening presents. The paper is going in the bin. And they continue to be excited. We have just heard a very loud gasp and our boy informed us from the stairs that they had just opened a present with “好多BOOKS啊!!” [Lots of books!!]

Omg too cute.

Meanwhile, we are still lying in bed. Relaxing. Surfing. Gaming. Blogging. Feeling blessed.

Merry Christmas everyone. May your day be filled with love, joy and laughter.

From a very happy and very grateful
Tu family
xx xx

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